If like so many businesses you are finding the cost of maintaining your web site is escalating because of a need to employee a range of IT specialists then help is at hand.
Our unique Virtual Web Master Service provides a tailor made service based on your specific requirements. You can pick 'n' mix any of the IT specialist skills described below for a fixed fee of just £35 per hour.
You define the nature of the maintenance work you would like us to carry out and we will help you to determine the most cost effective solution in terms of the number of hours and frequency of the tasks.

Virtual Web Master Service

Content and CGI Script Updates
Static Web Pages (HTML/XHTML/XML)
Dynamic Web Pages (Perl, PHP, ASP, JavaScript)
MySQL (Configuration, Tuning, Dataloading and Export, Data Backup)
PostgreSQL (Configuration, Tuning, Dataloading and Export, Data Backup)
Web Servers
IIS (Configuration, Performance, Security, System Admin)
Apache (Configuration, Performance, Security, System Admin)
Servers and Operating Systems
Linux (Backups, Performance Monitoring, Security, System Admin)
Windows (Backups, Performance Monitoring, Security, System Admin)
Pick 'n' Mix any of these services for just £35 per hour.
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Dedicated Servers

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